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Innovation and Investment
for a Better Tomorrow


We mentor and advise industry-leading entrepreneurs and CEOs pursuing a better future through innovative products and services.

We help companies of all sizes implement customer-centric innovation using our Northstar Innovation Methodology.



Through Black Diamond Capital , we invest in private and public companies of all sizes.

We focus our investments in companies with platform business models with an emphasis on clean energy, health, education, e-commerce, and software. 

Real Estate

Through Black Diamond Property, we provide and manage quality housing for families, veterans, and students. 

All Black Diamond Properties are upgraded with state-of-the-art home technologies to enable safe, convenient, and enjoyable living at affordable prices.


Black Diamond Science LLC was founded in 2020 as an investment and innovation management company. Our mission is to deliver exceptional returns through investments and partnerships with emerging and established platform-focussed companies.


While our portfolio is diverse, we focus our investments and advisory services on tomorrow's global leaders in the fields of energy, transportation, healthcare, education, agri-tech, and e-commerce. We believe continuous, people-centered innovation will enable a better future for all.


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