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Black Diamond Science, was formed in 2005 as an investment company for the Eagan Family Foundation. 

In 2020, the company expanded and accelerated a focus on investment and advisory partnerships with innovative leaders in segments essential to enabling a better future for all. 

We rely on a talented network of partners and advisors who share our passion for doing well by doing good.

Kevin Eagan
Executive Partner & CEO 

When not skiing or adventuring on backroads and trails across America, Kevin leads Black Diamond Science as our Executive Partner and CEO.  

Kristin-Eagan-Americano - transparent background.png
Kristin Eagan
General Partner & COO

Kristin leads operations for Black Diamond Property, our Real Estate Investment business. She is a back-office expert with a passion for The Office, which she ensures is playing non-stop in our conference room.  

James Colson
Technology Board

Jim is a world-class innovator.  A retired IBM Technical Fellow and respected industry consultant, Jim enjoys life from Austin Texas while serving as CTO and advisor to leaders in commerce, education and defense. 

Clay fron LinkedIn.png
Clay VerValen
Technology Board

Clay and Kevin started careers together at Microsoft in 1989 as product managers for the first version of Excel for Windows.  Today he is building digital platforms to power the future of Healthcare delivery.  

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